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Tracker benefits V.S. Fixed Structure System Benefits after 25 years
Source: Arctech Solar   Author: Joyce. H   Publish time: 2017-09-14   Views: 721

Joyce. H

(Sep 12, 2017) For big investment projects with longer operation period, each link in the chain can be the shortest wood in the wooden buckets effect. As one of the key structural components of the whole PV power plant, PV tracking system has significant impact on the generation of  positive- system yield . On the other hand, fixed mounting system cost is relatively small compared with the whole project cost and traditionally considered as low-tech, which has made fixed mounting structure always as “the second option”.

   As China PV market has undergone dramatic development both in demand and technology in last decade, mounting systems are not only  the supportive parts but also significant component that could increase power generation and reduce costs.

Nowadays, mounting systems in the market consist of fixed mounting structure and tracking system. In the following chart, we compare the revenue and costs between tracking and racking systems used in the PV power stations.

Tracking system V.S. Racking system

  • Foundation Cost

Because of the declining feed-in tariff and rising steel and galvanization price, we choose a project which located at Anhui as example. This project combines agriculture and a 10MWp solar project, and the local feed-in tariff is 0.85CNY/kWh.

According to the local terrain environment, 1MWp mounting structure covers an area of 13667 ㎡ and if arranged as 23*2, the foundation poles needed per MW is 460. 1MWp tracking system covers an area of 15667 ㎡ and foundation poles needed per MW is 176, the total cost difference between fixed mounting structure and large span tracker(5°tilt) is 0.034 CNY/W.

  • Investment Pay Back Period

Through importing local weather data and calculation, the annual power generation of 1MW fixed mounting structure is 1081157kWh and for 1MW large span tracker (5°tilt) is 1189273kWh, the power generation can be increased by 10% when using large span tracker (5°tilt) as against fixed mounting structure. And then we can calculate the extra cost recovery period like this:


Total price of tracking system - total price of fixed mounting structure 


(Power generation of tracking system – power generation of fixed mounting structure) *local on-grid price


We take the project in Anhui as an example, the calculation of 1MW is as below:

                             34000                         ≈ 0.4



So as for the extra costs compared with fixed mounting structure, the investment pay back period of using large span tracker is only 0.4 year.


  • Annual Increased Profit

The final objective of tracking system is to help PV power plants generate more efficiently, and we can calculate the increased profit as follows:

Increased benefits = (power generation of tracking system – power generation of fixed mounting structure) *module attenuation rate* local on-grid price*(10-cost recovery period)

(Note: the increased revenue in 10 years)

For example, when the project locates in Anhui, the local on-grid price is 0.85 RMB/kWh, for 1MW capacity,

Operational period:     1-10 years

Tracker Increased Profits:(1189273-1081157)*0.94*0.85*(10-0.4)=829,293RMB


Operational period:     11-15 years

Tracker Increased Profits: (1189273-1081157)*0.89*0.85*(15-10)=408,948.8RMB


Operational period:     16-20 years

Tracker Increased Profits:(1189273-1081157)*0.86*0.85*(20-15)=385,164RMB


Operational period:     21-25 years

Tracker Increased Profits:(1189273-1081157)*0.83*0.85*(25-20)=381,379.2RMB


In conclusion, 1MW large span tracker (5°tilt) can increase more than 2.01 million RMB compared with fixed mounting structure after 25 years. In the same way for a 10MW project, the increased revenue can reach up to 20.15million RMB.

About Arctech Solar

Arctech Solar is one of the world's leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar tracking and racking systems. Through 8 years of development, Arctech Solar has set up manufacturing bases in Kunshan and Changzhou in China and has also set up subsidiaries and service centers in many regional markets such as America, Japan, India and Europe other than China. As of Jan 2017, Arctech Solar has cumulatively installed 10GW and completed almost 600 projects in more than 10 countries. With a production capacity of 6GW and 3GW in fixed mounting structure and tracker fields respectively (a total annual capacity of 9GW), Arctech Solar has grown into a reliable partner in the Global PV Tracking and Racking market.

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